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At A Class Leaners we treat personal information in accordance with The General Data Protection Rules of 25th May 2018.

We can only book you driving lessons from up to TWO weeks before taking driving lessons with us. Simply call us two weeks before you want to start lessons. We do not pre book in for any further than two weeks in advance and our prices can go up at anytime.

* Please note any rude calls or aggressive callers will be reported to the police as harassment

Only one special offer per person. If you wish to continue thereafter you will be charged our normal hourly rates or any further offers as advised by your driving instructor.

We reserve the right to terminate your driving lesson immediately if you behave dangerously, Illegally or act inappropriately in any way. You will be charged the hourly rate (manual £27, automatic £28 any time) and we will withdraw our services.

If you do book one of the special offers available to you and decide not to complete your offer and would like a refund you will be charged our normal hourly rates for lessons already taken and for lessons cancelled without 48 hours notice within the offer and your refund will be calculated accordingly. (normal rates: manual £27, if automatic £28 any time)(please note we do offer assessment lessons if you want to make sure you are happy with the Driving Instructor and the car we provide you with before committing to a special offer block booking).

Face Masks! You must wear a face mask during your driving lesson up until you get out of the car. Our driving instructors will clean and sanitise the car before and after every driving lesson and will also be wearing a face mask during your driving lessons.

Please note A Class Learners is a driving school agency. Your allocated A Class Learners Driving Instructor is not employed by A Class Learners they are self employed franchised and will be responsible and liable for any refunds owed to you . All payments and refunds must be arranged directly with your A Class Learners franchised driving instructor. A Class Learners is not responsible for payments or refunds.


A Class Learners Driving Instructors do require you to give 48 hours notice to cancel a driving lesson and will be charged for the lesson cancelled if you do not give the Driving Instructor 48 hours notice. We reserve the right to withdraw our cars for Driving Tests without notice should you the Learner prove not to be up to driving test standard.

We cannot be held responsible for postponements or cancellations of lessons due to illness or mechanical breakdown, providing incorrect driving test details to the instructor, or other reasons of this nature, this also includes postponements of driving tests by the driving standards agency. If the DSA postpone your driving test you will be charged for the Driving Instructor's time at the standard rate and may be able to claim this back from the DVSA depending on the reason as to why your test was postponed by the DVSA. We only teach pupils with a valid provisional licence or valid full licence. You must inform your instructor of any changes to your licence immediately.

It is very important to ensure that you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst undertaking driving lessons/test. Please ensure you check that you are ok to drive if you are on any medication.

Please feel free to call us or email us for any further information.

Call us on 0208 220 7402

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