Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long are your driving lessons in Ilford?

Answer: Generally Driving Lessons in Ilford are 1 or 2 hours or even 1 1/2 hours depending on your self.

Question: What is the normal price of driving lessons?

Answer: Check out our Prices page for full details.

Question: Can I learn with a Male or Felmale Driving Instructor in Ilford?

Answer: You have the free choice of Male and Female Driving Instructors just ask.

Question: Do I have to come to your office for my driving lessons in Ilford?

Answer: Your Driving Lessons will be carried out in a car and you will be picked up from your home.

Question: Which cars do you have to teach in?

Answer: Our Driving School has all different makes of cars. Most of them are small vehicles that are easy to learn in and are compliant for use in the driving test. If yu have a preference please ask us and we will do our best to help you.

Question: How many Driving Lessons in Ilford will I need to pass my driving test?

Answer: The DVSA has said it can take up to 40 hours with a driving instructor and 20 hours with someone at home to pass your test. It can be less or more, depending on how quick you pick things up. Some Learners learn quick and some learn even quicker.

Question: Do I need a Provisional Licence to learn how to drive?

Answer: To learn how to drive you must hold a valid uk provisional licence.

Question: Can I keep doing another special offer after I finish my Block Booking Deal?

Answer: Our driving school's special offers are one offer per person then the price reverts back to the hourly rate.

Question: When will a Driving Instructor contact me once I have registered with you for driving lessons?

Answer: One of our Driving Instructors will normally call you the same day usually after 6pm. If they can't get through to you, they will text you say that they have called and they will try you again.

Question: Do you accept credit cards and debit cards for driving lessons?

Answer: No we do not as we would need to put up the price of lessons to cover the cost of card transaction fee's.

Question: Do you teach driving lessons in other languages?

Answer: Yes we do and you can find out right here what languages we teach driving lessons in.

Question: Can you find me a driving test cancellation?

Answer: Yes we can and you can find out more right here.

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