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How Long After Failing Driving Test Can I Take Next One

How long after failing driving test can I take next one? Is a very common question you want to know if you have just failled your driving test. Find the answer to this question in great depth here.

If you fail your driving test you need to wait 10 working days before you can find a driving test cancellation that you can book under your name on the DVSA system. A lot of learners who want to know the answer to how long after failing their driving test get confused about this 10 day rule. They think that they can sit a driving test 10 days after they have failed and this is not the case.

The DVSA has a 10 working day rule which states that you can't sit another driving test for 10 working days of when the DVSA work, so the DVSA working days are Monday to Saturday. Learners often count the Sundays in as a working day and miscalculate when the earliest driving test date that they can take.

The DVSA have set this rule as to have a cooling off period for learners to reflect and retrain for their next driving test appointment. If learners didn't have this cooling off period, then they might fluke and pass the next day and we would have some dangerous drivers on our roads causing danger.

Here is a worked out example of how long after failing driving test can I take next one. If you failed one the 1st of July which was a Monday, then the 13th of July would be the earliest driving test date you would be able to get. You would start counting the first day from the next day of failing your driving test.

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