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Driving Lessons Wanstead

Welcome to A Class Learners, the driving school in Wanstead. You may be searching for driving lessons in Wanstead, near Wanstead, or looking for the best driving instructors in Wanstead to learn how to drive with. We can say our Wanstead driving school instructors are the best because they are expert highly skilled driving instructors that are fully qualified, which is backed up by  our Reviews left by learners that have passed their driving tests at Wanstead driving test centre.

We offer cheap driving lessons in Wanstead with manual driving lessons  starting from as little as £26 per hour when you block book for the first  time. Once you complete your block booking, our manual driving lessons  in Wanstead thereafter cost just £27 per hour. Call our  Wanstead driving school on 0208 220 7402 for  more information on driving lessons. We have both male and female driving instructors in  Wanstead London that teach both manual and automatic driving lessons in Wanstead, and they can help you pass your driving test the first time at  Wanstead test centre. Did you know that all driving instructors take the same exams to become driving instructors in the U.K?

If you live in Walthamstow and are looking for driving lessons in Walthamstow for a driving test that you have booked at Wanstead test centre, then we can help. Head over to our driving lessons in Walthamstow page and find out more.

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Due to the high demand for driving lessons in Wanstead, avoid  disappointment book online and we  will contact you on a first-come, first-serve basis and let you  know of our availability.

Face Masks! It is up to you if you want to  wear a face mask during your driving lessons in Wanstead. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our Wanstead driving instructors will  clean and sanitise the car before and after every driving lesson  and may be wearing a face mask during your driving lessons in Wanstead.

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To book your driving lessons in Wanstead and Waltham forest and surrounding areas call our Driving School in Wanstead on 0208 220 7402.

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Driving Instructors Wanstead

Our Driving School has fully qualified DVSA approved driving instructors in Wanstead and have gone through the same qualifiaction processes as every driving instructor in the U.K. Our male and female driving instructors in Wanstead are patient, reliable and friendly and they deliver the very best high quality teaching standards set by the DVSA. Our Wanstead driving instructors use track records so that you know exactly at which stage of learning you are at every step of the way in your driving lessons.

Our Wanstead driving instructors have experience with all types of learners  from beginners, new drivers, and learners who have had a few  driving lessons, driving test retakes, refresher driving lessons,  or you have a full driving licence but have not driven  in a while, defensive driving, you have been in a car accident  and need more driving lessons to build your confidence back  on the road, or you have been disqualified from driving and need  to retake your driving test to get your driving licence back. Whatever your level, we can offer you Wanstead driving lessons  with the best driving instructors in Wanstead, and if your  searching for cheap driving instructors without compromising  on quality, try our Wanstead driving school.

If you have driven before and had driving lessons from another driving school, we provide an assessment driving lesson at our driving school. so that you can get an idea of how many driving lessons you will need to be test ready. 

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Automatic Driving Lessons Wanstead

Unlike many driving schools in Wanstead, we can offer both automatic  driving lessons in Wanstead and manual driving lessons in Wanstead. Your First 5 automatic driving lessons in Wanstead cost just £130  or first 10 automatic driving lessons in Wanstead cost £270, there  after our rate is £25 per hour. Please see our prices for more information. Our automatic cars in Wanstead are all  fitted with dual controls for your safety, and our cars are small to medium  size, which makes it easy to learn your automatic driving lessons in Wanstead. We have four automatic driving lesson specialists that teach automatic  driving lessons in Wanstead have very high pass rates compared to most  automatic driving schools in Wanstead, why not give us a go?

Driving Schools Wanstead

We are going to spill the beans about some driving schools in Wanstead. There is something that some driving schools in Wanstead don't want you to know and find out.

Some Wanstead driving schools use non-certified instructors to teach their students driving lessons in Wanstead. They are also known as "PDIs" short for "provisional driving instructors".  They are new to the job and are not fully qualified, but they can teach legally. Fully qualified driving instructors have more experience and have better pass rates.

The way to identify them is to check if they have a pink badge in their driving instruction vehicles  winscreen, and often they will not display it, and this must be displayed by law. Your probably  wondering what colour badge a fully qualified driving school instructor in Wanstead has. The colour is green, so make sure you check. There are also a lot of new driving instructors around who have just recently qualified. We only have driving instructors in Wanstead that have a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience, so rest assured you will not be anyone's guinea pig.

Driving Lessons Crash Course Wanstead

At A Class Learners we offer intensive driving courses sometimes  called a crash course for those who want or need to pass  their driving test quickly. If you have driving experience  our Wanstead driving instructors will assess you first and let you know  how many lessons you will need to be ready for your driving test.  We can fit you in depending on our availability, as our driving lessons crash courses in Wanstead are in high demand. 

The DVSA advise that it can take up to 40 driving lessons for a beginner to be ready for your driving test. The simple fact is the more practice you get at driving the better you will be at driving.

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To book your driving lessons in Wanstead, simply Book Online and a driving instructor in Wanstead will call you and book your first driving lesson. Please note you pay the driving instructor directly on your first driving lesson.

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