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If you are looking for Barkingside driving instructors that teach driving lessons in Barkingside or driving lessons near Barkingside, we are the driving school in Barkingside for you.

You may be thinking are A Class Learners driving instructors in Barkingside fully qualified? Well the answer is yes, and they all have very good reviews from learners that have passed in Barkingside.

Our Barkingside driving instructors cater for a variety of different types of learner drivers in need of driving lessons in Barkingside. We teach learners that have already taken lessons before or learners that have never taken driving lessons before or even learners that only need a few driving lessons to brush up to take their driving test.

Our driving instructor services include manual and automatic driving lessons, mock driving tests and refresher driving lessons. We also coach full license holders that need more advice and guidance from expert professional Barkingside driving instructors also known as refresher driving lessons. Find out what our prices are and book onine.

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Face Masks! It is up to you if you want to wear a face mask during your driving lessons in Barkingside. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic our driving instructors will clean and sanitise the car before and after every driving lesson and may be wearing a face mask during your driving lessons in Barkingside.

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Due to the high demand for driving lessons in Barkingside, avoid disappointment book online and we will contact you on a first come first serve basis and let you know of our availability.

Are you wondering how many driving lessons it takes to pass your driving test? There is not a minimum number of driving lessons you must have or how many driving lessons in Barkingside that you need to take before your test. Everyone learns differently, some learners may need less driving lessons or some may need more driving lessons before they are ready for the driving test. Our instructors in Barkingside will have a good idea of how many driving lessons you will require once you have taken a couple driving lessons in Barkingside with them. You can even try one driving lesson first if you want to see what our driving instructors in Barkingside are like before you commit to more driving lessons. Read some frequently asked questions that learners in barkingside often ask before taking driving lessons.

.... Change your life and learn to drive in Barkingside today ....

A Class Learners, the driving school in Barkingside, offers cheap driving lessons in Barkingside from as little as £26* per hour for manual driving lessons in Barkingside and £27* per hour for automatic driving lessons in Barkingside, when you block book for the first time, with fully qualified Barkingside driving instructors. Please see our Prices Page for further details.


A Class Learners, the driving school covers: IG4, IG5, IG6, IG7, IG8, IG9 and IG10. We also cover surrounding areas. Please call us on 0208 220 7402 to check if we cover your postcode.

Driving Lessons Barkingside

Our Barkingside driving instructors teach driving lessons in Barkingside and in the local areas near you. At the end of every driving lesson they keep track of how you are progressing in each driving lesson and will encourage you to improve and become an independent driver by agreeing with you what needs to be learned on your next driving lesson. You may be thinking, should I take one or two hour driving lessons in Barkingside? The answer to this can only come from you. You need to ask yourself, will you be able to concentrate for 2 hours or will 1 hour driving lessons be ok for me. What we have found is when learners take driving lessons in Barkingside twice a week, they learn and pass much faster.

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You may be thinking, when is the best time to take my driving lessons in Barkingside? Our male and female Barkingside driving instructors are available from our driving school 7 days a week for driving lessons. You should agree a mutual time with your allocated Barkingside driving instructor at the same time every week to take your driving lessons in Barkingside. You can learn how to drive in an automatic or manual car and we have a variety of different cars to learn how to drive in. Our local Barkingside driving instructors offer one or two hour block booking driving lessons, and to book your online driving lessons fill in our online form and an expert driving instructor in Barkingside will call you and book your driving lessons in Barkingside.

Driving School Barkingside

A Class Learners the driving school is your local premium driving school in Barkingside of choice. If you want to pass your driving test as quickly as possible then book your driving lessons with A Class Learners your experienced local Barkingside driving school. Book your driving theory test and pass that as soon as you can, as this will help you to focus on your practical driving test. The DVLA theory test is a multiple choice test which you can study at home for within a couple of weeks.

Our Barkingside driving school has been teaching learners how to drive for many years and is an established and respected driving school in Barkingside with more pass pictures than any other driving school in Barkingside. Please see Reviews from learners that we have taught and have passed their driving test with our driving school.

Automatic Driving Lessons Barkingside

We have some great automatic driving lessons in Barkingside with fantastic automatic driving instructors that have high pass rates and have a really good knowledge of all the local test routes for where your automatic driving test will take place. We also have lady automatic driving instructors in Barkingside as well as male automatic driving instructors, and the price we charge for automatic driving lessons in Barkingside is the cheapest around.

When it comes to taking automatic driving lessons in Barkingside you will not find a better automatic driving instructor anywhere else in Barkingside than the ones that teach for us in Barkingside. They all are fully qualified automatic driving instructors that offer the very best quality automatic driving lessons in Barkingside.

Services Offered:

To book your driving lessons in Barkingside, simply Book Online and a driving instructor in Barkingside will call you and book your first driving lesson. Please note you pay the driving instructor directly on your first driving lesson.

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