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How Can I Get An Earlier Driving Test

So you want to find out, how can I get an earlier driving test? There are a few ways you can get an earlier driving test and it all depends on your circumstances and how much time you have on your hands.

Often learners who have just failed their driving test, or learners that book a driving test when told to do so by their driving instructor, book a driving test that is months away because that's the earliest driving test available on the DVLA website.

So how can you get an earlier driving test? Option one is to search the change driving test section of the DVSA website. You may need to search morning noon and night for a driving test cancellation which can take up to a week to come up. And then pray that the earlier driving test does not clash with another earlier driving test date that your driving instructor has already booked with another learner.

The second option is the easiest way you can get an earlier driving test. If you use a driving test cancellation service like the driving test cancellations service we offer, we can search for earlier driving tests on your behalf every second of the day and night, and when we find an earlier driving test we text you the change of the test. You simply text back 'Yes' if you want the earlier driving test date or text back 'No' if you want us to find another earlier driving test.

If you have just failed you may need to wait 10 working days before you can sit an earlier driving test. This does not mean you can't book a faraway driving test date and start looking for an earlier driving test. The only thing is no earlier driving test dates will show up under your name as the DVSA's system will know when you took your last driving test. Another thing to remember is that you are only allowed to change your driving test up to six times.

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