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Driving Instructor Jobs

So you are looking for driving instructor jobs sometimes called a driving instructor franchise. Out of the many driving schools in the busiest cities in the U.K, how do you choose which of the driving instructor franchises will be the best for you?

When searching for a driving instructor job you will need to take into consideration how long you will be tied into a weekly driving instructor franchise for or whether the driving school offers a pay per pupil franchise. At A Class Learners our driving instructor franchise fee is £42 per week or a Pay As You Go Per Pupil fee of £20 in certain areas, and we have a 1 month rolling contract which you can break free from anytime after a months notice.

We never offer more driving instructor jobs in one area where there is not enough pupil supply per driving instructor. Although we are densley populated with driving instructors in certain parts of London and in those areas we are really busy and are turning pupils away as our driving instructor franchisees are fully booked. The best way to choose a driving school is to speak to a couple of their driving instructors and ask them about pupil numbers and how good the management team are, and ask them if they are happy with their driving school franchise.

Choosing a driving school with the highest price may not be the best option for you as they will have less pupils ringing them because learners look for the best prices and deals, which means you will most definitely not have enough pupils to teach compared with 30 pupils from A Class Learners which will make a big difference in how much money you take home every week.

There are some driving instructors that sit at the test centre and moan about prices being low and how they get £25 per hour, and are probably only doing 5 or 6 hours a week. Ask yourself, do you want 5 lessons a week at £25 each or 40 hours a week with some 10 lesson deals at £170 and a thereafter price of £21 per hour?

Our Key Features

Driving Instructor Franchise

Our driving instructor franchise is as low and affordable as £42 per week and the first month is franchise free, and we also have a Pay As You Go Per Pupil franchise in certain areas. Please call us for more information

Most driving instructor jobs will require you to have your own driving instruction car and we do too. We urgently need highly skilled motivated automatic and manual driving instructors that are ready to give up to 40 driving lessons a week. We offer a one month rolling contract as we are confident that we can provide you pupils to teach.

The driving schools that ask you to sign up for a 6 or 12 month contract will probably not have the pupil supply we have. All we ask is that you are a good ADI with a great track record of passing students and we will do the rest to make you have the very best driving instructor franchise without all the hassle.

It's cheaper to join a driving instructor franchise than running your own driving school as your costs will be very low. You will have no advertising fees, no website fees and when you go home for the day you can relax and not worry about making sure you have enough pupils to teach to pay your bills.

We have an in house web marketing team that work on promoting A Class Learners and any driving instructor franchisee that has a driving instructor job with us. If you had to pay to do this yourself it would cost you more than a £42 driving instructor franchise per week, infact you would be looking at initial investments of £1000's and ongoing payments to keep the pupils coming in. However we do offer this service if you want your own website as we do websites for other driving schools. Call us for more information.

Driving Instructor Jobs London

We have driving instructor jobs in London available in all areas of London with immediate start and pupil supply. Call us if you are looking to join a Driving School that is going to keep you on the road teaching learner drivers in your area.
Call us on : 0208 220 7402

We are always on the look out for good ADI's. Are you an Advanced Driving Instructor looking for driving instructor jobs in London needing more work? Are there too many Driving Instructors at the driving school you work for and not enough work for you? Do you feel you are giving too much of your hard earned money away in franchise fees? If you do then we would like to speak to you and offer you a driving instructor job in London that you will be happy with. We are able to offer you a full time or part time driving instructor franchise to fit in with your arrangements. All we ask is that you are a good ADI with a great track record of passing students and we will do the rest. We are a polite, friendly business looking to offer driving instructor jobs in London to like minded Driving Instructors. We have been established for over 25 years and have built a good reputation with the driving instructors that have taken driving instructor franchises with us.

Call us for an Informal Chat

Call us for an informal chat over the phone our managers Richard and Neetu are always available to talk to during office hours. If you are looking to join our driving school franchise and really want to know what would it would be like to take an A Class Learners driving instructor franchise, just have a chat to one of our driving instructors and ask them about us.

Call us on 0208 220 7402

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