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Are you searching for an Apna Driving School in Ilford? If yes here we are. We offer driving lessons in Ilford with Apna Driving Instructors in Ilford and surrounding Ilford areas. If you need a Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati or Bengali speaking instructor, please call us for more information on booking your driving lessons.

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Did you know that your driving test is taken in english? Your probably trying to find us because you may need a driving instructor to teach you in your language so that you can learn much faster and understand how to pass your driving test much quicker. You will also learn how to drive in Ilford in english so that you are well versed with driving test procedures. Our driving instructors speak fluent english as well as the languages they speak and teach in. You will not have a problem understanding them.

Rest assured that our driving instructors in Ilford speak fluent english too and are fully qualified and have the green badge that all real driving instructors have to display in the car windscreen by law. If they do not do this they are breaking the law.

Face Masks! You must wear a face mask during your driving lesson up until you get out of the car. Our driving instructors will clean and sanitise the car before and after every driving lesson and will also be wearing a face mask during your driving lessons with Apna driving school Ilford.

Types of Languages we Teach in

Contact us on: 0208 220 7402

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